The aim of this story is to create a model capable of estimating the crop-cut maize yield for fields in East Africa. Given a time series of Sentinel 2 imagery and climate variables. The model would be able to assess corn (Zea mays) grain yield spatial variability in tons per acre. …

The nature of wildfire is much more alarming than people can imagine. While companies and government are busy taking things to the internet, State of the Art technology could be used in containing the situation. This definitely would result to saving lives and properties.

Data and AI over the years have played a vital role in filling some serious gaps and its role in emergency situations like wildfire is also becoming popular. And with new advances in the domain, with more and more data getting generated every year, these sought after tech could be used in forecasting massive wildfire.


Ayomide Oraegbu

Self-motivated Data Scientist and Geospatial Developer with experience working with various forms of data. Experienced in using Python, SQL, R, among others.

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